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AdSlogans is a unique global resource for advertisers and ad agencies, comprising many thousands of English-language commercial advertising slogans, business, company, product or brand marketing slogans, taglines, claims, straplines, theme lines, endlines, payoffs, signatures, base lines, slogos (the slogan by the logo) and catchphrases. These are often unregistered, and hard to find in standard trademark registers or directories.

LineCheck - Has my new line, or similar been used before?

BizCheck - Can I see a list of slogans for my brand category?

Top advertising agencies and marketing companies in the UK and around the world use our services to answer questions like these:

• Has my new line, or similar been used before?

• Who used it, where and when?

• What are the other brands in my category saying?

Our services are particularly useful in new business pitches, brand reviews and the creation of new campaigns. 

Established for over 15 years, our fast efficient service provides bespoke reports in under 24 hours, sooner if required.Our tailor-made searches on our multiple databases produce high quality comprehensive reports which provide a fast overview of the advertising slogan marketplace.


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